batte melt pump
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batte melt pump extrusion

the role of Melt pumpextrusion The main function of the melt pump extrusion is to pressurize the high-temperature plastic melt from the extruder. After the pressure is stabilized, the flow rate is steadily fed into the extruder head. Its ability to s

batte Madden chemical pump

The Madden diaphragm type chemical dosing pumps are positive displacement chemical pumps that allow the operator to adjust the displacement of the pump which changes the output rate. Madden pumps are lost motion type pumps which use a piston to mecha

hot melt glue pumps for sale

Hot melt glue pump is suitable for conveying liquid with high viscosity and free of granular impurities. It has the characteristics of high output pressure, high viscosity of conveying medium, high temperature of use and input port, which can be conv

Chemical gear pumps extrusion(Z

Chemical gear pumps extrusion for low viscosity materials transport and quantitative applications.The chemical metering gear pumps for conveying and metering low to medium-viscosity fluids.It is a type of chemical and industrial gear pumps used in transpo

High-viscosity melt pump(ZB-E)

Batte high-viscosity melt pump has a unique positive displacement design,Which positive displacement high-viscosity gear pumps provide consistent,accurate polymer delivery under varying Circular melt pump output conditions of high pressure and viscosity.

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